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Most innovative, highly professional, agile and a motivated leader – these are the essential qualities of Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, the founder of Nabatara Institute of Astrology and our quintessential charitable trust Nabatara NGO. This NGO initiative was his brainchild and supported by his family, friends and our valuable clients. The Motive behind it was very simple – to make our NGO the BEST NGO in Kolkata. We, at Nabatara NGO, along with our astrology professionals work to support the poor and needy who go through daily challenging and difficult circumstances.

With limited resources and ever-changing, unique and complex scenarios, our NGO professionals and especially Mr. Gaurav Tribedi himself remain on his toes all the time to comply with the environment and make our programme one of the famous NGO in Kolkata.

We Are Result Driven

We have and want volunteers with a goal-driven mindset. Our skillful leader, Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, with his impeccable leadership qualities want our causes to create major positive impact. Our aim is to devise great programmes, attract more talented volunteers and meaningful fund raising. At, Nabatara, we all are driven by the ultimate goal – help and support for the poor and the needy. We believe in to educate and assist them to achieve their dream. One of our elected treasurer, Swarnendu, said, “ I want to help the women in every way I can. I simply cannot bear the injustice towards them ”. Volunteers like Swarnendu,  makes us proud of our Nabatara NGO in Kolkata. Our Institute of Astrology includes courses to help the deprived section of the society and educate them with all the amenities that they could not afford in school.

We Work With Passionate Professionalism

Our people bring the best to their work, which makes them leveraging their maximum effort while helping the underprivileged section. We get impressive results, something which speaks through our success stories because we believe in blending professionalism with passion. We are collaborating with our clients and students at Nabatara and constantly driving our endeavors in making the city a better place to live for the people who are ignored in the broad daylight. Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, the pioneer of our education NGO in Kolkata,  is expanding his innovation frontier through his work ethic, passion, and professionalism. Much of his workload has been eased by our volunteers and his committed family and friends.

We Possess Collaborative Mindset

Just like any other non-profits, our NGO also started on a lean budget. But with the collaboration of friends and family of Mr. Gaurav Tribedi, we opened the doors of our NGO in Kolkata. We invited in others, such as our clients and students at Nabatara Institute of Astrology. In fact, with the help of our professionals who collaborated with Mr. Tribedi formed an ecosystem of excellence. Our volunteers acknowledge this and work with the NGO to find, develop and realize highly value-added associations. Our Nabatara NGO is the best example of collaborative tribes.

Our Mission In A Nutshell

We stick to our commitments that is to eradicate the differences and equality and help the needy and the poor people. We have zero flake factor. We make our contributions particular and adhere to it. We do our best to make the dreams of poor aspirants come to reality. We are problem solvers and persist in our efforts till we find a solution. Such attributes make us the BEST NGO in Kolkata. Our volunteers are intact with their position and they always find a way to bring charity for the needy sections of the society.

We, at Nabatara NGO, simply ask people to donate a reasonable amount which they think is affordable. Charity begins at home – Our founder, Mr. Gaurav Tribedi started the programme with the support of his family and later joined by his friends and clients. Any charity enthusiast can follow and connect with our organization via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. Mr. Tribedi has find many ways to bring visibility to our organization through various radio shows, newspapers and TV channels. He creates opportunities and thought leadership in our NGO. he strengthens the association by enlisting the brightest and best volunteers from his family, friends and professional clients. The aim and passion for the poor and needy people makes us a famous NGO in Kolkata.

Our volunteers bring an eclectic range of contributions on the table. They are becoming seasoned skillful charity makers with their raw energy. Our volunteers are gaining expertise in fundraising and field works. Also, AMAZING volunteers are always cordially welcomed into our organization. Let us all work together and make this noble organization the top education NGO in Kolkata. Get in touch with us today through our social media accounts or you can even contact us on our website. Let’s make India a nation free from inequality and deprivation.


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