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It is Your hands to create a better world for all who live in it

Board of Directors

Gaurav Tribedi

Role:- Chairman and Director of Nabatara

Appointment Date:- Mr. Gaurav Tribedi was appointed as the CEO and Director of Nabatara in August 2016.

Career:- Mr. Gaurav Tribedi is Director and CEO of Nabatara Foundation. He did BSC.IT in software engineering, MBA from ICFAI. Earlier used to work with NIIT Technologies, Wipro LTD. Apart from that, he is a self-professional and a Social entrepreneur.

Education:- BSC.IT in software engineering, MBA from ICFAI University.

Mimi Das

Role:- President of Nabatara

Appointment Date:- Mrs. Mimi Das was appointed as the President of Nabatara in June 2020.

Career:- President of Nabatara Foundation. West Bengal mental health council member at Women’s Indian Chamber of commerce and Industry, President at International Anti-terrorism movement, President of women cell, Bengal in-charge, national coordinator at National Human Rights Organization, Honorary member at Rotary Club Calcutta, Dhakuria, President at Aesthetics International Council for progressive women, Advisory board member of Women’s Times.

Education:- M.COM., B.Ed

Priyanka Ghosh

Role:- Director of Nabatara

Appointment Date:- Mrs. Priyanka Ghosh was appointed as a Director of Nabatara in November 2020.

Career:- Director of Nabatara Foundation. She was an IT -professional, Worked as a Subject -matter expert at Acclaris Business Solutions, Senior Associate at TCS, also worked as a Senior Advisor at Capgemini Since 2012 to 2014. Professionally trained Classical and Creative Dancer & a dance teacher. Social activist and actively she is working with Nabatara.

Education:- She completed her Bachelor’s degree in BioScience from Calcutta University. Completed her Master’s degree in Bio- Informatics from Sikkim Manipal University in 2007.

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