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Every child has the right to be healthy, educated and happy to lead a fulfilled life. Nabatara finds potential in every child no matter whoever and from wherever they are. Nabatara aims to create a society in which every child must be protected with their creativity, dignity, equality in every aspect and all over development. It gives equal importance to women education and empowerment. It works with a vision for the betterment of children, women and the other impoverished persons of the society.



1. To achieve sustainable change in the lives of deprived children to meet their basic needs of education, health and equal rights with a life cycle approach of development.

2. To increase the ability of participation, understanding and relationship with the society they are living in.

3. To achieve visible and lasting improvements in the lives of underprivileged children, woman and handicapped as well.

4. To lodge firm protest against the so common practice of human trafficking.

5. To make people aware of their responsibilities towards their society and motivate them to bring lasting changes in the lives of their disadvantaged co-fellows with their potential.


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Happy Faces Of Nabatara

Some Inspiring stories of role models who are today loved, respected and emulated.


Ashmee Chakraborty

“ I am Ashmee Chakrabarty. I am 8 years old. I cherish some dreams. I want every child of my age to go to school and to be educated. My school is beside a slum area where I see many children of my age who do not go to school or can read or write. ”

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Pinky Chakraborty

“ Being blind I have to face many difficulties to stand on my own feet and cherish my dream to become a singer….”

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Subhra Sarkar

“ I am a student of B.A 2nd year of ” Rabindra Bharati College “. As I belong to an underprivileged family my parents can not support me financially. ”

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“ I am an 76 years old widow and I live in an old age home with many other aged people. My son and daughter have no time even to meet me… ”

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